Microsoft Word 2013

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Microsoft Word 2013 Tutorial

Microsoft Word 2013 Video # 1
Microsoft Word 2013 Video # 2
Microsoft Word 2013 Video # 3
Microsoft Word 2013 Video # 4
Microsoft Word 2013 Video # 5
Microsoft Word 2013 Video # 6
Microsoft Word 2013 Video # 7
Microsoft Word 2013 Video # 8
Microsoft Word 2013 Video Mail Merge
Microsoft Word 2013 Video Mail Merge Envelope
Microsoft Word 2013 Video Mail Merge Email
Microsoft Word – Create Form (Office 2007/2010/2013)
Microsoft Word – Create Flyer
Page Numbering – For Academic Papers and Books
Convert Microsoft Word document to Ebook

6 thoughts on “Microsoft Word 2013

  1. kesnel jacket

    you demonstrate very well how to create complex table forms in Microsoft word. However, I have problems to understand and practice as I am watching your tutorial. Please, can you put your tutorial available in booklet so I can buy and other people like me can buy also.

    1. amir parmar Post author

      I know some people like to have a book to learn, but I found that it takes up lots of time and effort. It is way easier for me to make tutorial videos. Will see if I am drawn to making a booklet.

  2. Tiiu

    I have used MS Word in my office job every day for many years. Found your tutorials when I was looking for clear instructions to create a fillable form. Your tutorials are fantastic. Crystal clear and very well organized. I am now going through all of them and am finding out so many things I never knew that will make my daily work much better and easier. Thank you for taking the time to make these. I am very appreciative.

    1. amir parmar Post author

      Great! There is so much happening with technology, it is difficult to keep up. Even I end up learning new things from people around me and the internet. All the best. Amir

  3. Kashi Vandaal

    You are the greatest.

    Its hard to find conclusive training as well as exam material but you make it so easy to understand.

    Thank you Amir. You should allow us to donate sometime soon.


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