Microsoft Excel 2013

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Microsoft Excel 2013 Tutorial Videos

Microsoft Excel 2013 pt 1 (Enter/Delete/Edit cells, Save, Open, Formula)
Microsoft Excel 2013 pt 2 (Formula, Functions, Fill Handle)
Microsoft Excel 2013 pt 3 (Fill Handle Formula, sample exercise)
Microsoft Excel 2013 pt 4 (Page Setup, Header/Footer, Repeat Row)
Microsoft Excel 2013 pt 5 (Format, Insert/Delete, Concatenate, Text to Column)
Microsoft Excel 2013 pt 6 (Absolute Reference, Named Ranges, Copy/paste)
Microsoft Excel 2013 pt 7 (IF, SumIF, SumIFS, COUNTIF, AVERAGEIF, VLOOKUP)
Microsoft Excel 2013 pt 8 (Sort, Filter, Freeze Row, Subtotal, Data Validation)
Microsoft Excel 2013 pt 9 (Pie/Column Chart, Pivot Table)
Microsoft Excel 2013 pt 10 (Conditional format, Sparklines, other Charts)
Microsoft Excel Financial Functions
Microsoft Excel (Goal Seek, Scenarios, Solver)
Microsoft Excel Nested IF (Link to Sample File)

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Excel 2013



    Do these videos cover all of the learning out comes of the Microsoft office specialist certification?

    1. amir parmar Post author

      I had a look at the exam objective for exam 77-420 and feel that this series pretty much covers all the exam objective and more. The only thing I have not made a video for is “Format and modify text with functions
      Utilising the RIGHT, LEFT and MID functions; utilising the TRIM function; utilising the UPPER and LOWER functions; utilising the CONCATENATE function”

      All the best.


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