3 thoughts on “Microsoft Excel 2003

  1. bakri

    hi amir

    i am bakri sabagh Syrian nationality UK residecy i would just love to say thank you

    you have done very well to help people like me them English not good

    i wish i can do some thing in return for you

    your brother Bakri

  2. ajay khadka

    hello sir i just wanna say that it would be better if u kindly post the intemediate and advanced level tutorial so that we can have more knowledge rather than basic only

    1. amir parmar Post author

      Hi Ajay,
      Will think about it. There are many people who are teaching advanced material on YouTube & when I started my channel my intention was to make people Job ready. So that after watching my videos people can put on their Resume/Bio that they know Microsoft Office and also pass the computer tests.

      I have covered some intermediary material in some of my videos.



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