Microsoft Excel 2007/2010

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Microsoft Excel 2007/2010 Tutorial videos

Microsoft Excel 2007/2010 pt 1
Microsoft Excel 2007/2010 pt 2
Microsoft Excel 2007/2010 pt 3
Microsoft Excel 2007/2010 pt 4
Microsoft Excel 2007/2010 pt 5 (Sample File)
Microsoft Excel 2007/2010 pt 6
Microsoft Excel Financial Functions
Microsoft Excel (Goal Seek, Scenarios, Solver)
Microsoft Excel (Solver – find 2 numbers that sum to a Value)
Microsoft Excel Nested IF (Link to Sample File)

24 thoughts on “Microsoft Excel 2007/2010

  1. Krishna Theja


    Thank You very much for all your videos which are very help full.

    As I am taking Excel 2010 Expert certification exam, I need your guidance to clear the exam with 95% of score.
    Please help me in which topics do I need to concentrate more and some tips for clearing the exam.

    Thank You.

    Krishna Theja

  2. Dragana

    Dear Amir,

    Thank you so much for the useful videos.
    May I ask several questions that I have trouble with.
    In the video 5, my Special option for entering Phone number in Excel is empty. How can I find it??
    When I use Sort (from A to Z for example), my title is also part of it, how can I exclude my title(Company for example)?
    I use Excel 2007 by the way!
    Thanks again and warm greetings from Macedonia.

    1. amir parmar Post author

      Hi Dragana,
      Glad to know that you found my YouTube tutorials useful in your learning. here are some answers to your questions:
      1. in the Special, look for LOCALE and change it to United states and see what happens.
      2. For the Sorting issues. Highlight your Data and go to INSERT and click on TABLE, in the box make sure to Check “My table has headers.”
      Hope this helps.

  3. Dragana

    Hi Amir, it’s me again. I need to ask you, is it possible to find hidden column if I totally close workbook and open it again?

    1. amir parmar Post author

      Hi Dragana, if you hide Column C, you will find that it will only show Column A, B & D, this way you will know that column C is hiding. And you can expand column C to unhide it.
      Hope this answers your question.

  4. Paul

    Hie Amir
    I would like to express my gratitude to you. Your video tutorials are very useful and enlightening. May the Lord richly bless you


    Dear Amir,
    I would like to learn about all Microsoft Office product.So I searched video tutorial and found it yours on youtube, it is very useful for me. and I need to know about what is the usage of Ms office Access?

    1. amir parmar Post author

      Watch and understand the video on Relationship to get the benefits of Access. With Excel you cannot create Relationship, so you may need to make changes in multiple places. Here is the benefit of Access, say you have a Saving Account, Checking account, Visa card, Fixed deposit with a Bank. All these data is saved in a different table and they are Related to the table that has the Customer Info. The benefit is, when you change you address, you only have to call once and change the Customer table, no need to call all departments. The other departments are looking at the Customer Table to get up to date info. Hope this helps.

  6. Yara

    Hello Amir,

    Can I watch Microsoft Excel 2007 Exam Test Q & A anywhere else as it is deleted from YouTube.

    Thank you

    1. amir parmar Post author

      Hi, unfortunately I don’t have the video uploaded anywhere else. Since I received the copyright infringement Take Down notice; I am trying to be figure out where I went wrong. And I don’t plan to have that video up, as the company might take me to court.
      All the best.

  7. Mohamed Naasar

    Assalamu Alaikum
    Mr. Amir,
    I’m really enjoyed watching your MS Excel Videos, when I started to watch ur tutorials I had a very basic knowledge in Excel. And Alhamdulillah by the grace of Almighty Allah I learned so many things through your tutorials. Still I’m continuing to improve my Excel knowledge, and hope many more videos from you will make my studies easier. Thanks a lot for.
    Jazzakallahu Khaira.

  8. Chandra Silva

    Dear Mr. Amir,

    MS Excel 2007/2010 Videos you have in u tube, can they be used in excel 2013 as well.
    or Do you have videos for excel 2013. This is required to do the keenex prove it test ?
    If you do Can I watch Microsoft Excel 2013 Exam Test Q & A in YouTube.
    Appreciate your advice


  9. Tyler

    Hey Amir,

    Quick question I was looking at your you tube channel and couldn’t find the video for pt 1 for (Exam Prep Microsoft Excel 2007/2010). In the past, before taking an excel test I would always review that video to brush up on the basics.

    Is it possible to get a link for that video, or has that video been removed permanently?

    Thank you

      1. Emily

        Hi Amir,

        Am I able to review this video as well? Your videos have been amazingly helpful for my job applications – thank you 🙂

        Many Thanks,

  10. Jayanta dev

    What a technique to explain the whole…
    I am beginner but I can say now I know word , Excel and PowerPoint very well only because of you. Everyone can learn from your videos,who have basic ideas of computer.
    I have no more words to thanking you…
    Thanks a lot sir…..

    1. amir parmar Post author

      Hi Jayanta, very happy to read your comments. I am glad that you found my YouTube tutorials useful in your learning. You have learned well! All the best.


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