Microsoft Access 2013/2016

Microsoft Access 2013 pt 1 (Tables)
Microsoft Access 2013 pt 2 (table pt 2)
Microsoft Access 2013 pt 3 (Query, Forms, Reports)
Microsoft Access 2013 pt 4 (Table Relationship)
Microsoft Access 2007/2010 Basic 5
Microsoft Access 2007/2010 Part 6
Microsoft Access 2007/2010 Part 7
Microsoft Access 2007/2010 part 7.a
Microsoft Access 2007/2010/2013 part 8
Microsoft Access 2007/2010 part part 9 (combo box)
Microsoft Access Pt 10 – Invoice with payments & Dlookup
Microsoft Access Pt 11 – Forms with Tabs and Buttons for Reports
Microsoft Access Set Database password
Microsoft Access Exam prep 2010/2013

Sample Files below

Access 2013 Video # 3 sample file

Access 2013 Vide # 4 Sample File (DvdDatabase)

Access 2007/2010/2013 Video 8 Macro Sample File

Access 2010 Exam prep sample file

Access pt 10 Invoice with Payments & Dlookup sample zip

Access Pt 11 Video Sample zip File

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22 thoughts on “Microsoft Access 2013/2016

    1. Arif

      Please give me some solution
      ex. form textbox value store in a table field
      ex. calculated field in form as “net amount” store in a table field “Invoice Amount”

      1. amir parmar Post author

        I have given some tip in another comment. And if you have all your data, than there is not much of a need to store the Total Amount, as they can be created with calculation. So best to create the Total in Report, you don’t need that data in your table.

  1. Arif Hathisingwala

    Please give some solution
    I am created Invoice database
    created FORM with SubForm
    some caculation for textbox
    how to store form textbox value in main table
    ex. calculated textbox value store in table [Invoice Amount]
    subform [item amount] total store in table [Item Amount]
    Please send me Solution

    1. amir parmar Post author

      If the Field has calculation, than it is not possible to save the data in table, as the Control Source is filled up with the calculation. You may need to create a query and add the calculation in query.

  2. Arif Hathisingwala

    I am creating a form that has a unbound texbox. I would
    like the value inputted into the texbox to be saved to a
    table. The value would be a single record that would be
    replaced every time the form is accessed and the data is
    inputted into the textbox. If anyone can point me in the
    right direction or provide some sample code, I would
    appreciate it.

  3. Robert

    do you have a tutorial for creating a stand alone access 2013 database either compiling or runtime. your tutorials are excellent and easy to follow

  4. Nasser Amin

    I Appreciate your effort,actually I learned alot of things in Access from you and you explain professionaly…
    Please I need to know the formula in access that explain the balance like in Bank statement you will see Credit,Debit and balance…

  5. Ijlal Hussain

    MR. Amir, wonderful efforts for educating peoples. Referring to your video on Access DvdDatabase, I am kind of confuse in understanding the actual use of relationship creation through Database Tools, Relationships. Whereas this can be done very well via Lookup. Is there specific difference between these two ways of creating relationships. Please reply. Thank You. Ijlal Hussain.

    1. amir parmar Post author

      Hi Ijlal, Both process will create the relationships. The benefit with using the Lookup wizard is that, you will get the Drop down option, that will show the records from the other table. If you create the Relationship via Database Tools, you will not get the drop down. And once you create Relationship using Lookup, you still need to go to Database Tools; and add the Check box for “Maintaining database integrity” and other options.
      Hope this helps.

  6. Vinay barthwal

    Hello sir,
    I m a proud student of yours uploaded tutorial..and best things is that you replied also here.
    Sir all i want to display a specific form (in ms word) and fields in ms word form is required to be fetch from access table.
    May be its wrong..but is it possible?

    1. amir parmar Post author

      You have to purchase it or you can get a trial. If you are a student, check with your college, you can get the Office suite at a discounted price or free.


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