The name SimpleTek says it all. This business offers simple solutions to all my technological needs. SimpleTek is reliable and provides prompt top quality service. Amir’s expertise in technology gives you an instant sense of relief with any problem encountered.
Jo Chong, Owner, Arflicious (Natural Dog Treats)

Amir knows not only the technical side of devices, but he has the social skills and patience to understand and determine the best choice.  Another trait of Amir is that he can relate to all ages and different types of individuals.
Sri Pathmanathan (click to read complete testimonial)

I used to waste many hours trying to figure things out building my web site or using my new computer – and then finally I would give up and call Amir and he would tell me how to do it – clearly and simply – and it would be done in a few minutes, usually.
Now I don’t waste time, I just call Amir. Then I can get back to doing what I really need to be doing – running my business.
Fleur Hanlon McGregor, Founder & Creator, KaiBalance

Starting my new business has meant learning a lot of new things, and one of the very important things `new computer technology skills`.  Amir made it easy and painless.  He explains applications in a very understandable way, enabling you to understand and use the technology to move ahead with your business.  I will definitely be using his services in the future for further learning.
Lee Jepson, Nutrition Consultant, EnjoyFoodHealthLife

I am a believer in “you pay for what you need or cannot do for yourself.” For me that was my web site. Even the delivery of the content was difficult for me and while Amir patiently awaited the content he suggested that he could teach me.  I am still responsible for the content but Amir has provided me with the skills and confidence to work on the website on my own. He is not only a great teacher but a true support with his emails of encouragement once I post something on the site. I know that when I call SimpleTek; there is a solution for all my I.T. needs. Thanks for the support and inspiration you really make it easy.
Ellen Cohen Sole proprietor Your Way Human Systems Facilitation

Amir’s patience and trustworthy demeanour put me at ease when I turned over my computer (that contains my life!) to him. He not only fixed my problem, his simple, easy-to-follow teaching style, empowered me to understand and gain confidence using my computer again.
Leehe Lev, Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach, Whole Self Fitness

4 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Souja

    I really enjoyed listening to Amir’s videos. You can tell that he really wants to share the knowledge he has and help people make the most of the programmes. Brilliant!

  2. Regina

    I wanted to THANK YOU!!! for sharing your knowledge of MS Excel and MS Word tutorials. It was a great help to me in preparing for pre employment testing. Amir, your teaching style is great .I tried a couple of videos before I found yours and I didn’t get past 2 minutes before I was overwhelmed with the teaching style and at my age I need a different approach. I have been using the programs for years but now I really can say I am proficient in the programs. Keep up the good work!

  3. Sally

    Amir, your website is the most awesome site that I’ve visited for helping me prepare for taking the Excel 2010 Prove It test. You are straight to the point, show great examples of what to do and what not to do. No time was wasted. Your tutorials are pure GOLD!
    Thank you very much!


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