3 thoughts on “Microsoft Project 2007

  1. vinod kumar

    Dear Mr. Parmar,
    I am working on a schedule and was looking for some internet help.
    I came across you 5 video”s.
    G8 work and explanation.
    I have a question, and seek help for the same.
    I have a project with 300 entry. I have assigned WBS. Based on WBS i want to extract schedule for certain series of WBS . can you pleas suggest how to do it.
    In case you want me to sen the entire file , I can send you.

    1. amir parmar Post author

      Hi Vniod, unfortunately, I cannot help you with your question. I don’t use MS Project at all, I learned Project many years ago and thought I could make some videos on the basics of MS Project. Never used the software after making the videos.
      All the best.


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