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Electronics Recycling program for Toronto Residents


Free Anti-Virus (Install only one anti-virus at a time on your computer) (recommended)

Free Anti-Spyware (You can install more than one)

5 thoughts on “Helpful Resources

  1. Ed

    Thanks for the Access-Video-6 files I just downloaded. Thanks for sharing. Amir is a natural instructor.

  2. Mansi

    Hi Aamir, How are you there……??? I am from Ahmedabad …….. it is really nice to watch your Youtube tutorial video of MS Access …… so much helpful to understand the Access…. as you said we are awaiting for your Gujarati TUTORIALS… which will really helpful to Gujarati People all over the world…. Thanks …… also share your FACEBOOK ID for more updates……….See You…….

  3. Vasu Hajare

    HI Aamir,

    Thank you for your valuable video, which helped me to give my brother to learn Excel and word in Hindi language.

  4. shuhag

    Hi i am shuhag from bangladash may tomhari madad chaheya hamari class kaliya ak project banana chahiya company all love lost and total simple project


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