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NewsLetter March 2011

SimpleTek Newsletter (Amir’s Tek Bits)

This is my first monthly newsletter, where I will provide computer tips, tricks and deals in Toronto. I had been providing at home Computer support & training services on a part time basis for quite some time and now I have launched it full time. See the services section of the website for details


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Tutorials videos

I have uploaded 14 videos teaching basic Microsoft Word and Excel 2003. These videos are excellent for anyone who has never used Microsoft Office or knows little about it. Here is the link to the tutorial on the website

Direct Link to videos on YouTube


Interesting Sites & Programs

Flock a new browser (like Internet explorer or Firefox) specially made for Social Media like Facebook and Twitter) (panoramic view of various city, you can zoom in and out, city of London picture is 80 Gigapixels)

Half Gigabyte (500MB) view of Moon.

Googgle text back: Instead of using 411 to get info, send a text to Google. For example, send a text “Weather Toronto” (without quotation) to 466453 and Google will reply back with the answer. For Movies send a text like this “Black Swann Toronto” to 466453. Make sure you have a text messaging plan.


Computer Deal:

Gateway 15.6” laptop at $499 (you also get a $30 mail-in-rebate).


Problems with computer

Call us for Computer Service, Upgrades, lessons and more

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