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Sri’s Testimonial

Below is a testimonial from my friend Sri, who even though has vision loss, still amazes me with his computer skills after 6 years of knowing him.

“Amir was introduced to me at the Canadian National Institute for the Blind as a volunteer reader and friendly visitor seven years ago.  After a great start, both of us had to move away which meant that Amir had to make a return trip of two hours to visit me. However, typical of Amir, nothing could stop him after he had made a commitment, so from that moment until today I have been able to count on him as a reliable friend, consultant, technical support person, sighted-guide, and trainer Indeed, he just adds to his roles as life challenges me!

There is nothing Amir cannot do.  At the beginning, I was amazed by his deep level of spirituality and his understanding of all major religions.  As a single person with a very balanced way of life, Amir has been more than generous with his time and service to me.  I know he does the same for others who need his assistance including another person who is blind, a man Amir helps every Sunday morning.

When I asked him to buy and bring a sturdy case with wheels for my Tabla drum, he did the research and brought the best one in India. There are many examples of how Amir helped me to buy top of the line items (a camera, TV, tape recorder, and GPS among them) for the lowest prices offered.  Amir has proven to be a technical wizard who understands all the applications for these devices, too, and can explain how they operate.

But it is in the social sphere that Amir really shines.  His social skills and his patience in understanding and helping me to determine the best choice within any given situation, is invaluable to my family and me.  Another invaluable trait is his ability to relate to people of different backgrounds, ages, knowledge, and abilities.
Amir can quickly establish a bond with people who are models of diversity: my mother-in-law, my senior volunteer readers, my youngest sister-in-law my wife and sons; he puts everyone at ease.  No wonder he has a multitude of friends including those of us who are disabled.

I can put no price on Amir’s relationship with me. It is priceless! He is a fine man. I am proud to call him “friend”, and I offer my sincere wishes and prayers for his continued success both in the world and in his spiritual life.”