Microsoft Visio 2013/2013

In this video learn about Microsoft Visio 2013. Learn to create Flow chart and Organization Chart. Add design, Background, fields, text. Add Data to symbols using Data Graphics.
Flow chart – min 7:30
Insert Hyperlink – min 19:45
Insert Field – min 23:20
Data Graphics – min 24:35
Print – min 29:45
Organization chart – min 31:10

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Visio 2013/2013

  1. Zohaib

    Thank you so much

    really i like it your tutorial in hindi..
    please make more tutorial
    if any updates please contact me.

  2. Deepak kr Shaw

    Dear Amir Parmar,

    you are awesome, your tutorial was too good in hindi you explain well.i salute you to your work i am not so good in english i am not explain my experience in words. please keep your efforts continue for hindi tutorials please

    thanks to you bro


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