3 thoughts on “Mail Merge add individual images

  1. manoj

    Hi I saw your video on youtube, great.

    Sir is there a way to do a mail merge within excel?

    ie I have hundreds of products in excel sheet with location of images in one collumn. location details are already added with \\

    what im trying to do is to do a stock card for each item which I can print with images.

    my stock record headings are stock code, description and image location.

    Can you please advise how to print all products in one go but showing individual items at a time.



    1. amir parmar Post author

      Hi Manoj,
      Not sure if you can start Mail Merge from within Excel. But if you have the data in Excel, you can always use it as your Data Source within Microsoft Word, so you could get your task accomplished by using Mail Merge from Word.

  2. Devraaz

    Sir me aapka sab video dekhta hoo.aur me chahunga ki aap excel me timesheet topic par ek video banaye.please try to do this.


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