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Microsoft Access 2007/2010 Tutorials

Microsoft Access 2007/2010 Basic 1
Microsoft Access 2007/2010 Basic 2
Microsoft Access 2007/2010 Basic 3
Microsoft Access 2007/2010 Basic 4
Microsoft Access 2007/2010 Basic 5
Microsoft Access 2007/2010 Part 6
Microsoft Access 2007/2010 Part 7
Microsoft Access 2007/2010 part 7.a
Microsoft Access 2007/2010/2013 part 8
Microsoft Access 2007/2010 part part 9 (combo box)
Microsoft Access Set Database password
Microsoft Access Exam prep 2007
Microsoft Access Exam prep 2010/2013

Access Video 6 sample files

Access 2007/2010/2013 Video 8 Macro Sample File

Microsoft Access 2007 Exam Prep sample (File is in Zip format)

Notes: Calculate Date of Birth in years or years/month


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  1. teb chiasarat

    I want to study access database and i’m a student in Cambodia.
    so sorry you can send soft database to me.
    thanks you please good luck for you.

  2. jane

    I enjoyed learning access from your website. I like the fact that you are quite methodical and you do not assume a lot like many videos I have watched including stellar websites like in Lynda.com. You explain in a very simplified way which is beneficial for a beginner. I will not use Access to organise my contact list for a community organisation I work with. Kind regards from Glasgow UK. http://www.sauti-nexus-projects-and-training.co.uk

    1. amir parmar

      Very glad that you liked the Microsoft Access videos. Check out my Youtube page I have videos for Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Outlook.
      All the best.

  3. Hashem

    Thank you Brother
    I watched your first video and was really helpful, i am taking Database Management, and i have no experience of building table, thank you for you supporting videos, I will continue watching until i learn.

  4. Ahmed Alsaffar

    I really enjoyed very much coz your way of teaching is really amazing! it’s quire simple, direct, clear, and easy to understand with very logical way and steps to follow..
    Many Many thanks my dear for this great effort!
    Ahmed Alsaffar
    Saudi Arabia – Qatif

    1. amir parmar

      Hi Ahmed,
      Very glad that the tutorials video have been useful in your learning. Thanks for taking the time to post a comment, messages like your make it all worth it.

  5. DS

    I really enjoyed your Access videos. Everything about your way of teaching is amazing. Thank you so much.
    I wonder if it would be possible for you making some on the SharePoint designer SW.

  6. Abhishek

    Dear Amir,
    Thanks a lot for the video on MS Access.it was very informative and everything was explained in a very clear way.It has given me a good base to go for advances Access.Keep it up… :-)

  7. Marco

    Brilliant, really very clear. I haven’t watched No.4 yet but hope it explains how to print labels from a table, not all records, in my case I just want to pull out those to whom I want to send a Christmas card. Also how to format a field. I have cracked it in a record but not labels. Thanks, Marco

    1. amir parmar

      Thanks for the comment. The 4th video does not show how-to print labels. I never thought about it. But I looked at it quickly. To create Labels, click on CREATE tab and click on LABELS. Choose the Manufacturer of the Label paper and choose the Product number. Follow the steps and choose the way you want to arrange the Name and Address using the arrow (remember to add spaces). Then finish the wizard and print it.
      Hope this helps. The other option would be use Mail Merge to create labels and use the Database as your Source data.

  8. venkatesh

    Hi Rakesh,

    Im a prinicipal of a Govt College in Bangalore India. out of some academic interest I i happened to stumpble upon your website and watch videos on access. Videos made by you are really educative and simple to understand. I think that even a high school student can learn a lot from your basic videos. you have a mastery of the topic and blessed with a real good voice.

    I want you to do videos on dotnet programming as well as tutorials on sql 2008. This would really help people like me.

    Thanks a lot again for this wonderful video set. May god bless you with health wealth and happiness.

    1. amir parmar

      Thanks for your comment. I have never spent any time learning programming, in fact I have recently taken on to learn computer programming using Python from Khanacademy.org. I would highly recommend anyone trying to learn Math/Science skills to visit Khanacademy.org.

      I will think about looking into .net and sql programming. My background being in networking and tech support & training; I have gained a lot of experience in teaching Microsoft Office.

      Thanks again. Please visit my Youtube channel as I have posted more videos there, which I have not added to my website.

  9. Ram Prasad Guragain

    I really impressed watching your videos in Access and I benefited a lot from these videos. I watched all the four videos which were clear and very simple manner. I hope more from you about it. Can I get more videos about access through you.

    I have suggested many of my friends to get watch your videos. Thanks a lot for such your social and educational attempts.

    Ram Gurgagain , Pokhara, Nepal

    7 feb, 2013

    1. amir parmar

      Hi Ram Prasad,
      Thanks for your message. I added a 5th video for MS Access on my YouTube channel, but forgot to add it to my website. Here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8TM240tpBM

      You can also check my YouTube channel for other videos. http://www.youtube.com/user/simpletektoronto
      Also watch my video on Lines to Free Online Courses. It lists many websites online where you can learn many things for free.

      Will continue to add more videos on different topics.

  10. Asif

    Dear Amir,
    I am working in ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company) at Ruwais (240 KM far from Abu Dhabi) I was surfing the internet/YouTube and came across your tutorials about MS Access. I must appreciate you for such a nice tutorials you uploaded on YouTube. In fact long back (in 2002) I tried to learn it in an academy; I had to give up due to lake of timing (I had to travel 240 KM) on weekends as well as maintaining my family. Another fact was that I was not much more familiar with YouTube at that time.
    Now I got a very good understanding of MS Access. Once again thanks a lot.

  11. Naveen Reddy Thathi Reddy

    Dear Sir,

    AWESOME VIDEOS, watching your videos of Access made me more and more confident on me, I benefited a lot from these videos like others.

    Yours videos are in very useful for every one and clear to understand. if possible, request you to upload more videos about access.

    Thank you, Thank you so much for your videos.

    Thanks & Regards

    1. amir parmar

      Thanks for your message. I am very happy that these tutorial videos have been helpful in your learning. I had added a 5th video for Access on my YouTube channel, but forgot to add it to my website. Link is below. I also added 6 videos for Microsoft Access 2003.
      Microsoft Access 2007/2010 Basic 5: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8TM240tpBM
      Access 2003: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcmYWY91gQNebBu9x8NaxKtEEgfAVYSQc
      With regards and all the best.

  12. Amit Oak

    Hi Amir ! Thank you very much for your video tutorials on you tube.I am from a small village in Maharashtra,India.
    I am looking for tutorials for visual basic 2008 express edition. If you have please send me links.Thanks again.

  13. Brian Baldwin

    Thank you Amir for your Acess 2007 Tutorials.
    It has enabled me to write a Asset Tracking Database.
    I have “Users”, “Locations” and “Equipment”.
    I now want to do an Audit.
    Input User
    Input Location
    Input Equipment (Several pieces)
    I then need to report on what is now missing from a location and if it is at another location.
    Can you help?


  14. Mohsin

    Thanks Amir. Your teaching style is simple and yet powerful.

    1. amir parmar

      Thanks Mohsin, appreciate you taking the time to send your thanks.

  15. Massimo

    Great job man
    Thanks a lot

  16. Om Gupta

    Hi Amir,

    It was very knowledgeable tutorial and most importantly the way you tried to explain each and every thing.
    I was new to the access and now i started making few tables and report for my job related purpose.
    Thanks a lot

  17. jimi

    hey Amir.please help.

    1. amir parmar

      Hi, sorry for the delay in responding. Have been busy with work and comments on YouTube. Your project is very big and I don’t consider myself an expert in Microsoft Access, I can try to answer some questions. But this will take a long time to get done.
      All the best.

  18. Pooja

    Hi Amir,

    I have just started watching these and am finding them very useful. Since this is new to me, and I need to use it for my job, I was struggling to begin, but these videos have made it helped a lot.

    Thanks a lot for your effort!!

    I have a query and wanted to know if you could please guide me:

    I need to populate various fields for more than a 1000 companies – company name, year of establishment, geographic presence, telephone numbers, website. out of all these fields, Geographic presence and telephone numbers have more than one entry for most companies.

    Since I have to capture all such information for every company, should I make seperate tables (like different sheets) of is there a way to tabulate them in one sheet.

    I an excel file, I would have probably merged the number of cells for the company name for it to appear as one block. Not really sure, how it should be done in acess.

    Your help would be much apprecieated.


  19. Tariku A


    Please, keep us get going and uncover the surprising effect of ‘’Simple Tek’’

    Tariku A

    San Jose ,California

  20. Ben

    Hi Amir,

    Wanted to send you a quick THANK YOU note for the MS Access tutorial you setup on Youtube. I never leave comments, but felt compelled to tell you how EASY your tutorial is to follow. Also, I’ve wanted to learn Access for quite some time, but all the videos I’ve seen, just never explained it as WELL as you have. So I finally understand the basics and will DEFINITELY be looking at your MS Project videos. And I will probably look at your Excel videos as well, even though I am pretty good at Excel, I have a feeling you will go over something I may have overlooked.

    Your a gifted teach. Thanks for your taking your time to help me/us all out.

    All the best,
    East Coast, USA

  21. Umer Rehman

    Really great videos helo in passing my IT Practical of Institute of Chartered Accountant of Pakistan. Really great work. Please make a list of all lectures on youtube as well in a sequence.

  22. Shelley D

    Amir, thanks so much for your Access tutorials. I have watched all 6 and “played along” in Access, and in just one morning I can do everything I wanted to be able to do with my data, with zero prior knowledge in Access. I’m generally computer savvy, but I’m so glad I watched your videos instead of trying to figure it out myself! Thanks again and keep up the good work, you have a great teaching style.

    1. amir parmar

      Thanks for the email and it also reminded me that I had not added the 2 more Access videos to my list. I had added 2 more videos to the Access 2007/2010 series. I have added them to the page and also pasted the links to this email.


  23. Wendell

    I have watched several of your videos on 2007/2010 Access……….I am try to build a data base that will allow me to use a form to store multiple completition dates. For instance, maintenance completed on 2 Oct 13, 10 Oct 13, 16 Oct 13……..But once I mark it completed the date will be saved in a table, but show blank the next time I open the form for that piece of equipment. And be able to run a query and report of all the dates maintenance was completed.

    I just put a number in the Capta block, I’m not sure what it is……

  24. Rajesh

    Dear Amir

    i am very new to access though i was using MS office for a long but access is an Optional in MS office.
    Only after watching your video it interested me to go deep into it. ( I was familiar with Fox pro2.6)
    congrats for simple way of teaching access.
    Well I want to know how to use number field . I use it with 2 decimal .5v
    my issue is while entering the data say 12.35 it round up to 12 or say 12.65 turns to 13 ?
    how to resolve it . at present I using with currency data .

    No 2 :
    In form usiing calculation -calculated amount to replace in respected field.
    say unit 3
    rate 4
    amount 12 ( in form it calculate and show in amount ) but in database instead of 12 it show blank ?

    pls reply me .

  25. Usman Bashir

    Thanks u very much Amir Brother. very easy and nice way of teaching…….. i like the way u make Access so easy for us. May Allah Bless u.

  26. Dinesh Kedia

    Hi Amir Bhai,

    I really enjoyed very much coz your way of teaching is really amazing!
    it’s quire simple, direct, clear, and easy to understand with very logical way and steps to follow..
    Many Many thanks my dear for this great effort!
    If you give instructions in Hindi Language your videos are much useful for Indians coz they understand better in hindi.

    Dinesh Kedia

  27. Ola

    Hello there,

    Thanks for the videos. However, the 4th video doesn’t show us how the relationship is been created and i think that is the primary purpose of the video.
    We will appreciate it if my message is responded to soon.


  28. Usman Bashir

    Hi Dear Amir, How r you hope doing well……. i’m very glad an thankful of you for very very valuable video tutorials. these videos helped me a lot. if you don’t mind i have very humble request to you. Please video tutorial for AUTO CAD is possible..? i’ll be very thankful to you if you help me in AUTO CAD……………….

    If its is not possible then please can you tell me any nice(like your method) video tutorial link that really help me

    Waiting for your prompt reply

    Thanks and Best Regards


  29. Muhammad

    Thank you very much for your video for access 2007/2010.
    can you complete all the tutorials for this section.

    for orders it will be help if you create order form where customers, product details, and total price come on one form.

    Thanks again.

  30. Suresh Negi

    I Amir,

    I have seen your access 2007 tutorials on YouTube. Heads off to you mate.
    I was a very very useful to me. Your way of presentation is best. I will follow the same in your website.

    Suresh Negi

  31. Ashley

    I can’t believe that I am actually learning Microsoft Access from Youtube tutorials (in this case your tutorials). To the point, lots of great information but not boring, great pace. Thank you soooo much.
    Keep it up !!!!!!

  32. Ramo

    Thank you Amir. I really enjoyed and I learned a lot from your videos.

  33. patel

    Hello Amir,
    First of all, thank you very much for helping the people by such a nice way. really your video training is excellent among all the video tutorials i have ever seen.

    you are the best one ….

    it is really help me to lot to understand the ACCESS very well.

    Thanking you.

    With kind regards,


  34. Sagar

    Hi Amir,

    I was very new in access, I mean I don’t know even how to start access, but after your training I have completely understood what is an access is and now I have created so many projects in access.

    Thank you very much for your absolutely free training.

  35. Naveen Rayana

    Hi Amir,

    I’m an expert using MS-Office especially (Excel), however I’m completely [NULL] on Access even I’m trying to learn it from so many months but which was not done till date. But today from afternoon I’ve watched all your 6 videos (of course will watch the 7th by 2morrow morning) and I started using Access just like the Excel. In our world there are few people are blessed with such amazing talents and you are one of them. May god bless you with health and wealth.

    *Once again Thanks a lot for those wonderful tutorial videos.

    Naveen Kumar Rayana
    HR & MIS Manager.

  36. Joseph Morgan

    Hi Mr. Parmar
    I am rally thank you very much for your tutorials videos, I am 66 years-old and I am retired now, I studied Microsoft Access 3 long time ago but, unfortunately, neglect it for 15 years since I did emigrate to USA.
    I am very interested of Microsoft Access so I tried to refresh my knowledge to match Microsoft Access 7 I have on my computer and I found difficulties to read books, then I look-up for some tutorials may help me to obtain my goal, and you did that in a very easy and clear way, your videos are truly helpful, your efforts are truly appreciated. we need you to complete doing favors by more explanation to relations between tables and more focusing on module.
    Thank you again

  37. abhishek

    really its very helpful..thns to upload videos…..

  38. Manoranjan kishor

    Thanx a lot sir……u r great …what a way to teach and make things simple and elegant…. superb..

  39. rabi islam


  40. Ibyadav

    hello sir please upload one access titoriyal in hindi ( qeury by date ) like 1oct 14 15 nov 14
    passbook entry titoriyal

    1. amir parmar

      Hi, in query Criteria you can type this
      Between [Enter Start Date] And [Enter Last Date]
      when you run this Query 2 prompts will pop up for the start and end date. And the words [enter start Date] [Enter end date] you can add any words you like to help the user to understand how they are supposed to enter the dates.
      Hope this answers you question.

  41. Medan

    Wonderfull,…..I want to usu Microsoft Access, Because i want to make a Database For My Item, so I want to say Thank You Verry Much For You Tutorial….and…Always Success….!

    1. amir parmar

      Thanks. All the best. Amir

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