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May 19

Excel Find 2 numbers that Sum to a Value

In this learn how to use Solver to solve some bookkeeping or Accounting headaches. In this video you will learn how you can find 2 cells that Sum to a value that you are looking for. Link to Sample file:

Apr 15

Microsoft Visio 2013/2013

Visio Tutorial

In this video learn about Microsoft Visio 2013. Learn to create Flow chart and Organization Chart

Jul 26

Learn One Note 2010


Jul 26

Learn One Note 2013


Jul 26

Mail Merge add individual images


Mar 20

Microsoft Project 2007 pt 5 (Master Project)

In this video learn to link separate project files into one Master project with one Resource pool to share resources across projects.

Mar 20

Microsoft Project 2007 pt 4 (Advanced formatting & Custom Fields & Macros)

In this video we look at advanced formatting for Gant Chart and Tasks. Also learn to create Custom Calendar, Custom Views. Create Custom fields with formula, drop down menu & graphical indicators. Transfer all custom elements to Global Template. Create & Run Macros.

Mar 20

Microsoft Project 2007 pt 3 (Resource levelling & Reports)

In this video learn to check for over allocation of resources and how-to fix the problem by using the Leveling too and split task button. Set Baseline. Print Gant Chart, add Cost and Title to the chart. Create/Print Reports. Email project file.

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